“I had a very special time at Harper& Kühn Prosthetists.  I came to them from Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal and I was warmly received on the morning of Monday 6th October 2014 when I first arrived.  I was so relieved to finally arrive at your premises, after anxiously being on the waiting list for months at the government hospital, my previous prosthesis was old and very worn and I badly needed a new one but was just not being helped.  I was so glad that you could expertly assist me within just one week.

I was professionally measured and fitted with a new limb.  It's been almost 3 months now and I have never experienced any problems, people are surprised at my walking steps, I am walking like any able bodied person.  I am so grateful for the physiotherapy that transformed the upper section of my amputated leg; it had been so much thinner than the other one because I was not putting weight on it, but at your therapy sessions I was trained to walk properly and actually use the amputated leg by exerting equal body weight on both legs; something I realised I had not been doing before.The fact is that any man made thing will never last forever so I am probably going to see the staff at Harper & Kuhn Prosthetists should I ever experience any troubles or when I need a new limb.

The experience at your premises was so well organised and you professionally stuck to the programme you had e-mailed to me before I came to Johannesburg.  Thank you very much for the follow up phone calls checking on how I am doing and just for making yourselves available to be contacted at any time.  Thank you very much Eluan, Christopher, Lynda, Barbara.  I am, and always will be, happy for having met you all there.”

Dumisani Mbokazi