“I lost my left leg above the knee - the reasons how are of no importance, what is important was that it was unexpected. My life depended on the amputation. There is no shortcut to accepting this 'there is a limb missing and my life was and has changed forever" Making peace with it was something I owed to myself and above all to my family and everyone around me. I have by the grace of God still a lot of life left to live and share with my loved ones. Adjustments to what I still wanted to do and what is possible was now a reality. "So what? get new things to do. Like everything in life worth doing, it takes hard work and the right mindset. I had a stump, I needed a leg.

Chris crossed my hospital ward among other prosthetists, and for once I went with my gut feel - the best thing I ever did - not only was Chris excellent in what he did, he was compassionate, patient and understanding and he had Lynda, the pain doctor, as a physiotherapist to counterbalance him. She was relentless in drilling you to get a hold of yourself (buckets of sweat) The best testimony for me in making the right choice, was when a colleague said that if ever he had to choose a prosthetist, he would choose Chris.”

Johan Verhoef